Descendant Charts for my Ancestors' earliest generations

When I'm exploring others' genealogical information I want to have a clue as to what kind of names they have in the ancestry lines, and how far back they go. That helps more than anything, to determine whether this is a tree I should have a closer look at. I assume you have the same curiousity.

Here then, are some descendant charts showing just the earliest generations of the farthest back ancestors in each of the lines I've developed so far. This is by no means the full extent of my databases, just a peek to show you where I come from. You might spot some of your ancestors here, and want to order the appropriate GEDCOM from me, or one of my family history books.

However, I've discovered that Descendant charts are constantly growing and are harder to place on a web page. So... I'm switching over to work harder at my simple ancestor lines going back up to only my direct relatives to the earliest ancestor in each line. You will find the index to these new files here: Ancestor Charts (index).

First, I have LOTS of Friesens! Please note that these charts were set up in 2012, so there have been many new names added since then - which are not here!

Abraham von Riesens (Dad's Friesens) or

Johann & his son, Isa Brand von Riesen (Mom's Friesens)

Gerhard Kroekers (Mom's father's side)

Giesbrecht Neudorfs (Gr'ma's mother's side)

Emmanuel I. Spensts (Dad's mother's father's side)

Jan de Veers (or Fehrs) (Dad's mother's mother's side)

Cornelius de Veers (Descedant of Jan who came to America)

Jacob Giesbrecht (Dad's Gr'ma's mother's side)

Martin Warkentin (Dad's Gr'ma's father's side)

Peter Heidebrecht (Dad's Gr'pa's mother's side)

Herman Bueckert (Mom's Grandfather's mother's side)

David Derksen (Mom's Grandfather's mother's side)

Heinrich Loewen (Mom's Grandmother's mother's side)

Family Tree Drawings:
David L. Friesen Family Tree

David Kroeker Family Tree

Isbrand Friesen Family Tree

Jacob Neudorf Family (1) Tree

Jacob Neudorf Family (2) Tree

I hope you find browsing here helpful to you in your searches!

If you wish to see what I can offer you to help in your research - please see this Summary Page.

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