Descendants of
Cornelius deVeer

Our First Ancestor to come to North America
8th from first known ancestor, Jan de Veer

– (Cornelius and his 8 children shown here;
My GEDCOM has many more Descendants!)

Cornelius deVeer also known as: Kornelius Fehr b. 3/22/1818, 10th child, likely Michaelsburg, Russia, 1836, m. 7/15/1836, in Michaelsburg, South Russia, to Canada, 1875, Maria Schmidt, b. 11/22/1808, 1825, d. 3/3/1894. Cornelius died 4/20/1900, Langdon, N.D., buried: Langdon, N.D. Reinlander Buch; b.4/4/1818. The 10th child. He was buried at Bethel Mennonite Church at Langdon, ND, where his daughter and son-in-law donated the land for the church. He was an artist and a poet, decorating the borders of his account books. Bud Veer's grandfather. Maria: Bud's notes indicate she was born 2/9/1805. GR'MA4 has b. 4 dec 1818 md. 15 Jul/1836

1.1. Jacob deVeer also known as: Jakob Fehr b. 8/5/1837, Russia, d.8/26/1837.

1.2. Cornelius deVeer also known as: Kornelius Fehr b. 6/12/1838, Russia, 5/25/1858, m. 6/2/1859, in Michaelsburg,, Rachel Hiebert, b. 3/25/1835. Cornelius died 4/20/1920. Reinlander B. has b.6/28/1838, also bap.& d. dates. Stayed in Russia, had big family but only 2 girls grew up. Rachel: Bergthal Gemeinde Buch has her father as David Hiebert (1/25/1815) o/s colony A169. 10/11/1834 md. Anna Dever (b,10/15/1816) Rachel is shown the oldest of 10 children.

1.3. Jacob deVeer also known as: Jakob Fehr b. 7/17/1839, Russia, d. 8/7/1839.

1.4. Jacob deVeer also known as: Jakob Fehr b. 5/ 2/1841, Russia, 6/5/1860, m. 3/30/1865, in Michaelsburg, Russia, Helena Goertzen, b. 10/02/1841, (dau. of Jacob Goertzen, Michaelsburg), d. 1/21/1925. Jacob died 2/18/1929.

1.5. Isaac deVeer also known as: Isaak Fehr b. 11/1/1843, d. 4/1/1844.

1.6. Johann deVeer also known as: Johan Fehr b. 4/1/1847, Russia, 1867, occupation ferryman, Great Deer, m. (1) 8/4/1867, Elizabeth Giesbrecht, b. 6/ 1/1848, 1867, (daughter of Jacob Giesbrecht and Elizabeth Driedger) d. 1/19/1883, m. (2) 8/7/1883, 19 yrs younger, Maria Doerksen, b. 2/14/1866, 5/14/1883, (daughter of Abram Doerksen and Katharina Penner) d. 7/16/1906, m. (3) 10/27/1912, Maria (Fehr) Pauls, b. 1/30/1845, d. 3/28/1927, no issue from this marriage. Johann died 12/ 1/1935, Canada. a twin, Reinlander Buch shows b.4/1/1847 at 283-3; I've got 4/21/1849 from G.Aunt Helen's K&K. R.G.B. also has him as a Fehr, & notes they moved to Dakota from Manitoba. Elizabeth: R.G.B. has her b.1/3/1848

1.7. Maria deVeer b. 5/3/1849, Russia, 1867, m. 11/19/1867, in Russia, Abraham Krahn, b. 1/12/1844, son of Johann Krahn, Schoenfeld, Russia.

1.8. Helena deVeer b. 4/13/1853, Russia, m. 11/19/1872, in or, 12/1/1872?, Cornelius D. Giesbrecht, b. 1/22/1844, (son of Jacob Giesbrecht and Elizabeth Driedger) d. 7/22/1925, (stepson to Johann Janzen). Helena died 2/8/1942. Cornelius: Stepson of Johann Janzen. Cornelius' first wife Maria Veer was cousin to his second wife, Helena deVeer. He was also brother to Eliz. Giesbrecht who md. Johann von deVeer (our forefather). Cor. was a community leader, farmer, store-keeper, postmaster & blacksmith. He & Helena were married in the Kleine Gemeinde in Molotschna. She was a mid- wife & CGCM deaconess. They joined the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite in 1881 or later.

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