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I am beginning a new mailing list - with the goal of keeping you, my new friend, or contact - (perhaps even a relative!) informed about any new eBooks or offers I have prepared, or to let you know when I get some how-to videos created to help you in your genealogy research, or writing your family history, etc.

If you are willing to give me your email addess, I'd like to offer you a special favour. Have you heard of the GRANDMA database with over ONE million Menonnite names (or those married to them) in it? (I'll describe on another page, how you may get that onto your computer from a Mennonite College in California). In the meantime, I will offer to look you up to see if your name is in that GRANDMA database. For this I will need your full name (including maiden surname if married) and your birth date. It also helps to confirm I have found the right person if you include your parents' names and birth dates, and even your grandparents' names and birth dates too.

In the last year or so, it seems that when I enter someone's name in the search field, and find them, I also find that we are related anywhere from once to maybe 3-5 different ways! This gets to be lots of fun.

Some very common Mennonite names, like John Friesen or Elisabeth Friesen appear anywhere from 700 to 900 times! The only way to confirm I've found the exact YOU, is to have as many clues about your ancestors as possible. That will make it easier. Since you will subscribe to the list with the form below, I will have your email address and can confer with you if I need clarification.

IF I do find you in the database, it only takes a couple more minutes to ask the GRANDMA database how you and I are related. Should that prove true, I'll be glad to send you that information as well. Each relationship will show up on a separate sheet. I will send them to you as PDF files.

The next thing you will be anxious to see is what your Ancestor Chart looks like. (Mine, in the collapsed form, is 3 and a half pages long! It goes back 11 generations in one line). If I do find you already in the GRANDMA database, and you would like me to print out an ancestor chart for you - we can make arrangements for that by email later.

P.S. If this becomes a very popular and thus a time-consuming favour - I may decide to increase the fee, but I think it is safe to start at - say $3.00 Cdn. for the extra service of an Ancestor Chart. We can work that out later. For now, I'm offering for FREE to see if you are in the GRANDMA database, and whether you and I are related in any way. :)

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