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A Godly Inheritance (chapters from my first Family history book)
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Descendant Charts - Index
Abraham von Riesens
Johann & his son, Isa Brand von Riesen
Gerhard Kroekers
Giesbrecht Neudorfs
Emmanuel I. Spensts
Jan de Veers (or Fehrs)
Cornelius de Veers
Jacob Giesbrecht
Martin Warkentin
Peter Heidebrecht
Jacob Bueckert
David Derksen
David Loewen

My Grandpa Kroeker's Ancestor chart - the area I'm really looking into next.



Translating from Gothic German Handwritten Documents

Writing My History Book

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Connections to Linking Sites

Here are Genealogy Sites Linking to A Godly Inheritance: - Genealogy directory and resources: Includes a comprehensive list of genealogy sites, a surname meta-search tool, and a genealogy message board.

Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan - the official site of MHSS offering lots of archived information, and opportunities to show family histories and genealogies.

There are Valuable Benefits to Linking with other Web Sites.

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Manna Publications (US) - A ministry established to raise awareness in the USA, of need for Christian literature in overseas countries . Many groups have some part of the Bible in their language but no study guides to facilitate learning. Manna seeks to provide in the form of a self-help program where the Manna Distributor selects what is needed and we help them produce it in their own country - if they agree to sell the books and reserve some(50-60%) of funds for future printing.

Manna Publications (UK) - provides Bible commentaries that are easy to read and understand. These booklets are in ready-to-print form and can be downloaded in English and French. They are FREE and suitable for use by pastors, teachers and students. They may also be used by churches, colleges and missions to print and publish and sell their own Christian literature. Western culture/jargon has been removed and religious terms explained so the books are suitable for any culture and are easily translated. - The Mountain Man makes rustic log beds, computer desks, rails for decks, pool cue racks, rustic log art frames, candle assessories, and whatever you might suggest is quite possible. These are not imitation, but real, beautiful log furniture that will become heirlooms in your family. Each piece is original, custom-built for you. Just see it! to spark your imagination.

PMC Ministries, Tanzania - About the Pentecostal Missionary Church, and it's leader/pastor, Gervase Masanja, in Tanzania. Gervase is an enterprising leader, looking for ways to help his very poor people with jobs and self-employment, as well as the gospel.

Revival Time Ministry (Uganda) - an indigenous and an inter-denominational Christian NGO founded by Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako in 1993. Revival Time Ministry is not a local church, but does actively win converts to Christ as a result of evangelistic outreach programs. The new converts, or even the local churches founded, are taken care of by local-church planting organizations with sound and acceptable Christian doctrines. Evangelism , Discipleship Training and Social Development interventions define the core activities over the past 15 years.

Western Tract Mission, Inc. - This non-profit literature mission offers an array of Gospel Tracts, discipleship curriculum and Mailbox Bible courses for all ages, children, prisoners, and adults, as well as ministry opportunities for Believers. Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Ruth Marlene Friesen

Wealth to Share

My Main Genealogies
Dad's Friesens
or Mom's Friesens
Early Veers
Immigrant Veers
Heinrich Loewen

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