Descendants of
Johann von Riesen

Earliest Known Ancestor of my Maternal Friesens
(First 4 Generations)

Johann von Riesen also known as: Johann FRIESEN b. 1724,Stebbendorf, W. Prussia, m. (1) unknown...., b. 1724, d. 8/18/1789, m. (2) 9/1/1793, in 2nd marriage, Mrs. Peter Konrath/Konrad?.

1.1. Isa Brand von Riesen (son of Johann von Riesen and unknown....) b. 1765, Stebbendorf, W. Prussia, 1783, m. 11/20/1785, Catrina Diedricks, b. 1763, 1782, Querwall (Rosenort Gemeinde), (daughter of Jacob Dietrichs and unknown). in Schonhorst lists, 1793, 1795, 1802, 1803. Tiegenhagen Gemeinde. Church Register 96 (ref: GRANDMA, ref:075 is. Catrina: spelling Schapansky uses is, Katharina Dietrichs

1.1.1. Katharina Friesen b. 8/24/1793, m. 2/12/1814, Franz PETERS, b. 1/22/1792, (son of Franz Peters and Eliesabeth Peters) d. 7/5/1868, likely Schonhorst, Russia. Katharina died 11/01/1873, likely Schonhorst, Russia. Schapansky's article 7/93 on Schonhorst gives her death as 11/1/1877.

1.1.2. Isbrand FRIESEN b. 3/19/1797, 1817, m. 5/19/1819, Maria Loewen, b. 12/11/1798, 1817, (daughter of Michael Loewen and Maria Bueckert) d. 2/3/1875, Russia. Isbrand died 7/5/1875, Russia. This is the one who lost an arm in some local uprising, and lay under a bush where a hen came to lay an egg each day for 3 days until the Loewen family found him. Isbrand b. 1/30/1820, d. 3/21/1821, Russia. Isbrand Friesen b. 2/9/1822, Russia, m. 7/12/1844, Katharina Friesen, b. 8/3/1823, Russia, (daughter of Jakob Friesen and Margaretha Epp) d. 12/27/1905, Canada. Isbrand died 7/27/1915, Canada. Kathrina Friesen b. 8/30/1824, Russia, 1842, d. 7/18/1907. Elisabeth Friesen b. 12/09/1827, Blumengart, Ukraine, Russia, 5/27/1846, m. 5/2/1847, in Russia, Wilhelm Dueck, b. 10/16/1821, Tiegenhagen, West Prussia, 1839, (son of Aron Duck and Katharina Siemens) d. 12/17/1905, Chortitz, MB., buried: Dec/1905, Osterwick, MB. Elisabeth died 2/14/1907, Canada, buried: Feb/1907, Canada. Wilhelm: son of Aron Dueck & Katharine Siemens, 1st wife: Aganetha Dyck & had 3 children; Maria (2/17/1842) who md. P. Reimer, Katharina (10/17/1843) died in Russia, and Aganetha (11/13/1846). Jacob Friesen b. 12/21/1829, Russia, 6/13/1850, m. unknown. Jacob died 12/05/1854, Russia. Maria Friesen b. 12/21/1832, Russia, m. Bernhard Klippenstein. Maria died 1923. Aganetha Friesen b. 11/20/1834, Russia, 1854, m. (1) 2/14/1865, Bernhard Penner, b. 12/20/1832, m. (2) 3/25/1880, Gerhard Paetkau, b. 3/28/1834, S.Russia, 1855, s.Russia, Old Colony, d. 10/8/1915, Friedensruh, MB. Aganetha died 9/25/1910. Gerhard: Parents: Jakob & Margaretha (Klassen) Paetkau;gr-parents: Jacob Petkkau & Magdalena Froese. Gerhard marr.3;(1)Katharina Fogt(Vogt)8/13/1935-11/201878), (2)Helena (Giesbrecht)Friesen (2/10/1833-1/23/1880), (3)Aganetha (Friesen)Penner (11/20/1834-9/25/1910). Emigrated from Chortitza & Furstenland in 1874 with Bishop Johann Wiebe. He had 9 children by his first wife. Anna Friesen b. 1/28/1837, Russia, 5/6/1857, m. 3/15/1859, Johann Giesbrecht, b. 11/06/1835, Blumengart, S.Russia, 6/2/1837, S. Russia, (son of David Giesbrecht and Justina Harder) d. 5/4/1919, Schoenwise, MB. Anna died 6/27/1937, Canada. This Anna, at her 100th Birthday had 13 children, 102 grandchildren, 184 great-grandchildren, & 7 great-great-grandchildren. Johann: Came to Canada on S.S. Polynesian # 30, arrived in Quebec 6/7/1979 David L. Friesen b. 5/ 1/1839, Russia, 1859, m. 11/06/1861, in Russia, To Canada, July 1,1875 on S.S. Moravian, Elisabeth Bueckert/Buckert, b. 12/23/1841, Russia, 1861, (daughter of Jacob Buckert and Helena Doerksen) d. 3/28/1913, Blumenheim,SK. Canada. David died 8/ 3/1911, Blumenheim, SK. Canada. Reinlander Buch shows his birth as May 13 1939. Elisabeth: Reinlander Buch shows their marriage date as Oct. instead of Nov. as my early sources showed.

1.1.3. Elizabeth Friesen b. 3/19/1797, Schoenhorst, Chortitza, South Russia.

1.1.4. David Friesen b. abt. 1799, Schoenhorst, Chortitza, South Russia.

1.1.5. Christina Friesen b. 1802 - 7/1802, Schoenhorst, Chortitza, South Russia.

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