Gerhard Kroeker and Anna Nikkel (or Nickel) Descendants

(The earliest 3 generations for which I have data)

1. Gerhard Kroeker b. 1825, Russia?, m. 1845, Anna Nikkel, b.1825. Gerhard died Russia.

1.1. .........Kroeker b. 7/12/1846?, m. John G. Wiens. ......... died 12/14/1912, Petrofka, SK at 66 yrs.5mo. 2 days. This is from a letter from husband, Mr. John G. Wiens, to my grandparents, saying that she (grandpa's sister) had died. Otherwise I have no information on her.

1.2. Anna Kroeker b. 7/22/1851, 1871, m. 1/10/1875, Heinrich Braun, b. 5/27/1852, (son of Heinrich Braun and Magaretha Braun). Anna died 1/ 6/1888. The note in the Reinlander Buch p.101-3 says they went west and returned as Bergthalers. To southern Manitoba, I presume. Since this was an aunt of my Grandpa Gerhard Kroeker, I believe I recall that these Brauns lived in MB.

1.3. Elisabeth Kroeker b. 4/26/1854, m. 7/5/1877, Johan Letkeman, b. 7/27/1840, d. 9/26/1920. Johan: GRANDMA4

1.4. Peter Kroeker b. 11/24/1860, 5/12/1880, m. 8/21/1887, Helena Siemens, b. 11/24/1865, 5/27/1885. Peter died 5/17/1918, SK.

1.4.1. Anna Kroeker b. 8/21/1888, d. 6/16/1890.

1.4.2. Helena Kroeker b. 5/2/1890, 6/ 9/1908. Md. H. Wiebe

1.4.3. Gerhard Kroeker b. 8/4/1891, 5/26/1912. md. H. Wall

1.4.4. David b. 3/5/1893, d. 3/5/1893.

1.4.5. Peter Kroeker b. 1/6/1895, 5/25/1915.

1.4.6. David Kroeker b. 10/22/1896, 6/14/1916.

1.4.7. Maria Kroeker b. 3/29/1898, 6/13/1916.

1.4.8. Anna Kroeker b. 1/27/1900, 5/20/1918.

1.4.9. Aganetha b. 3/27/1902, d. 2/26/1907.

1.4.10. Jakob Kroeker b. 5/29/1904.

1.4.11. Elisabeth b. 2/ 6/1906, d. 10/ 8/1808.

1.4.12. Elisabeth Kroeker b. 3/24/1909.

1.5. David Kroeker b. 2/12/1863, Russia, occupation teacher/farmer (had goats, m. (1) 1/12/1885, in Russia, Maria Hiebert, b. 11/14/1861, Russia, 5/12/1880, (daughter of Johan Hiebert and Helena Harms) d. 6/18/1933, Mexico, buried: Mexico, m. (2) in Mexico, Anna (Boldt) Banman, d. Mexico. David died 1/11/1940, Mexico. Maria: The Reinlander Buch gives her birth date as 10/20/1861. I have the the 11/14 date from Gr'ma Kroeker's handwritten book when she was quite clear in mind. Perhaps the change in calendars makes the difference. Came to Canada in 1891 with David and children. My grandfather, Gerhard, was a baby dropped in a big blanket when they came across the ocean. Note; Gr'ma's book says they were married by Wilhelm Dyck

1.5.1. Anna Kroeker (daughter of David Kroeker and Maria Hiebert) b. 10/01/1886, Russia, 5/27/1906, m. 7/15/1906, in by Rev. Julius Wiebe, Peter P. Wiebe, b. 11/ 6/1884, d. 7/3/1960, Neuhorst, SK. Anna died 3/9/1958, Canada. Peter: They had 13 children, which included a set of twins. They had their 50th wedding anniversary on 7/15/1956 in the Mayfair Church, Saskatoon, with their large family circle and friends.

1.5.2. Maria Kroeker (daughter of David Kroeker and Maria Hiebert) b. 10/09/1888, Russia, d. 7/4/1890, Russia.

1.5.3. Gerhard Kroeker (son of David Kroeker and Maria Hiebert) b. 3/8/1891, Russia, occupation farmer/animal vet, m. 7/12/1914, in by Rev. Joh. Wall, Elisabeth Friesen, b. 5/6/1896, Rosthern, NWT, 5/31/1914, (daughter of Isbrand Friesen and Anna Neudorf) occupation mother/wife recorder, d. 8/16/1989, Rosthern Hosp., buried: 8/20/1989, Chortitz, SK. Gerhard died 11/09/1970, Hague, SK., buried: Chortitz, SK. Elisabeth: Honoured in "A Godly Inheritance" (* see Gerhard's Ancestor Chart)

1.5.4. David D.Kroeker (son of David Kroeker and Maria Hiebert) b. 3/15/1893, Canada, 5/26/1912, m. 10/16/1921, in by Rev. Peter Klassen, Elisabeth Rempel, b. 4/24/1897, d. 4/17/1975. David died 7/27/1954, Canada, buried: Manitoba. Elisabeth: md. 2, on 4/21/1955 to widower Johan Friesen (12/21/1892-2/27/1960) by Rev. Jacob Wiebe, Hochfeld, MB. md. 3, on 12/4/1960 to widower Jacob Unger from Winkler, MB. (he died 11/15/1978).

1.5.5. Helena Kroeker (daughter of David Kroeker and Maria Hiebert) b. 1/15/1895, Canada, 5/26/1912, m. 8/11/1912, Thomas Gerbrandt, b. 1/22/1890, d. 8/19/1968, Saskatoon, SK., buried: Chortitz cemetery. Helena died 9/27/1922, Hague, SK., buried: Chortitz, SK. Thomas: 14th child of Jakob Gerbrand (1/14/1842) and Aganetha Klasen (4/13/1849) per R314-3. However, most of his siblings died in infancy. I am aware of 3 sisters and one bachelor brother (Jacob) who survived to adulthood. Katharina md. Isaac Bergen, Maria md. Aron Braun, and Aganetha became a Mrs. Peters.

1.5.6. Maria Kroeker (daughter of David Kroeker and Maria Hiebert) b. 11/12/1896, Canada, m. 7/ 5/1914, in by Rev. Abram Wall, Heinrich Doell, b. 8/21/1890, d. 2/24/1964, B.C., Canada. Maria died 9/23/1972, B.C.,Canada. They had 10 children and raised their family in B.C.

1.5.7. Peter Kroeker also known as: Peter Crocker (son of David Kroeker and Maria Hiebert) b. 9/22/1898, Canada, m. (1) 1/17/1942, divorced 1947, Lilian Alice Baker, m. (2) 5/21/1949, divorced ?, Ann ....., b. 2/14/1899. Peter died 3/3/1978, Hague, SK., buried: Chortitz, SK. In later years he went by the name Crocker. Ann: a widow.

1.5.8. Susanna Kroeker (daughter of David Kroeker and Maria Hiebert) b. 11/07/1900, Canada, m. 7/7/1918, in by Alt. Jacob Wiens, Johan Wiens, b. 8/ 5/1891, d. 6/4/1956. Susanna died 6/12/1950.

1.5.9. Aganatha Kroeker (daughter of David Kroeker and Maria Hiebert) b. 5/8/1903, Chortitz, SK., d. 8/11/1905, Chortitz, SK.

1.6. Maria Kroeker b. 1/15/1865, 1883, m. 11/8/1886, Wilhelm Peters. Wilhelm: GRANDMA4

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