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Writing My Family History Book (the process)

Let's summarize what's available:

Presently, I have four updated and expanded eBooks for sale.

For the first time I have created an eBook of my "Labour of Love" to honour my Gr'ma in the 1980s. A Godly Inheritance is now available in an attractive format with many more photos in it!

I've expanded the ebook "Our Neudorf Networks" which has furthered my research of Gr'ma's 81 Neudorf cousins from her mother's side. It also has photos in it now. (It did not before).

Then I felt it only fair to research my Dad's side of the family and because both he and his Dad, My Grandpa Friesen, were storytellers, I let them tell their own stories, and I just filled in some family info, photos and some in-depth genealogy at the back. These cover the Friesen line, the Spents, and deVeers (includes some Fehrs), Warkentins, and Heidebrechts. Grandpa's Stories is also available at 287 pages.

Our Friesens & Assorted Friesens, came as a result of trying to discover if Dad's Friesen line and Gr'ma's (Friesen) Kroeker's father's Friesen line intersected anywhere. I have not proved it yet, but believe it is very likely. Meantime, I had collected 30 other Friesen family trees, in an effort to watch for connecting clues. Then, this year when I decided to update the book, I checked them again in the GRANDMA database, and discovered that earlier generations had been found for some of them, which tied some of those Assorted Friesens together. Now I have just 20 such Assorted Friesen trees besides our own. Again, I'm publishing this for the sake of those researching their Friesen family trees, and that together we may find some missing links that tie even more of our lines together.

eBook Advantages:
1. You can read an eBook on your computer right away,
2. You can easily enlarge the font to any size you like,
3. You can even print it out on paper, if you wish.
4. You can give me your email address if you wish to be notified of more recent updates and corrections

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Blessings & Thanks,

P.S. Note: I may offer to print and bind a copy for you if you feel you cannot do that yourself. But I will need to charge for my time and printing materials. Watch for more how-tos on printing out an ebook and then various ways to do the binding.

You may just have found your Mother LODE or LINK "relatively-speaking." My charts MIGHT have just what you need to connect some of YOUR OWN Ancestors! But I'm a story-teller, so . . . will you give me time and space to tell it well?

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