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I know how I tend to zero in on photos and photo stories on any website. I'm shameless about browsing through other people's photo albums too. (which may be one reason why social media like Facebook and now Pininterest are so popular). We're all plan snoopy when it comes to photos.

Well, I'm not about to show you any tiltilating photos here, but I am setting aside a section to place my photo stories as I'm able to get them prepared. Believe you me, getting a photo story page together can be some work!

If you want to see my parents, and Dad's parents, and a family Reunion photo of June 2003, see my (limited edition) Photos From My Family Tree

On July 13, 2004, Dad and I made a one-day holiday trip down to Turnhill and Swift Current for his cousin Annie's funeral. She would have been 91 on the following Thursday. Quite a lady! See scenes from that day and the people.

Uncle John S. Friesen was as a Conscientious Objector at Camp Q5 during World War II. I'm hoping that someone could help identify some people and activities in these photos which I found in his apartment after his death.

As I've mentioned on this site, I have inherited a large cache of old photos, but I need time to scan them so they can be added here too. With time I may get many photo stories added here yet.

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