Descendants of Martin Warkentin

Earliest Known Warkentin Ancestor in my Paternal Family Tree
(Just First 4 Generations)

1. Martin Warkentin b. 1740, m. unknown.

1.1. Martin Warkentin b. 1764, Prussia, m. Agatha Warkentin, b. 1765. Martin died 3/9/1853. immigrated to Blumstein, Russia with his family

1.1.1. Peter W. Warkentin b. 1789, Blumstein, Prussia, m. Sarah Fast, b. 1794, Lichtenau, Russia. Peter F. Warkentin b. 2/23/1820, Fishau, Mol., m. Helena Reimer. Peter died 1898. Johan F. Warkentin b. 3/11/1825, m. Helena P. Harder, b. 1825. Johan died 1877. Note: lived w/Hutterites before America. Home at Inman, McPherson County struck by lightning. Katharina Warkentin b. 1828, d. 1890. Anna Warkentin. Hein Warkentin. Bernard Warkentin b.1834.

1.1.2. Johan Warkentin b. 1790.

1.1.3. Cornelia Warkentin b. 1792.

1.1.4. Elizabeth Warkentin b. 1795.

1.1.5. Gerhard M. Warkentin b. 1796, m. Anna ....., b. abt.1796. Gerhard died 1848. from Harold Friesen's notes; GRANDMA ref:253ge. In migration list (Unruh p.345 he and Elizabeth are reversed in birth order. In the 1835 census, he is listed at Pordenau #23, and is said to have come from Russia in 1803. He moved to Pordenau in 1821 form Blumstein. Entry at Blumstein #4 says he moved away in 1820. Peter Warkentin b. ca.1817, m. (1) Katharina Thiessen, b. 1829, d. 1889, m. (2) summer 1843, Elisabeth Friesen, b. 1819, Lindenau, S. Russia, (daughter of Klaas Friesen and Elisabeth Friesen) d. 1/3/1850. Peter died 1853/57. Note: Peter drowned in the Red River, MB. His widow married Corn. W.Loewen (1827-1893). Cornelia Warkentin b. 12/26/1822, m. (1) Peter Harms, b. 1806, d. 7/19/1870, m. (2) Gerhard Kornelson, b. 2/28/1816, d. 8/14/1894. Cornelia died 10/11/1892. Martin Warkentin b. 9/8/1824, occupation treadmill in Blumstein, m. Anna Dueck, b. 8/20/1827, d. 3/10/1892. Martin died 4/26/1891. Anna Warkentin b. 5/ 4/1831, m. Johan H. Toews. Anna died 10/16/1900. Heinrich Warkentin b. 12/31/1833, Fischau,Molotschna, occupation owned treadmill, Fishau, m. 4/24/1855, Justina Enns, b. 8/26/1828, Russia (K&KI has b.Aug/18/1928), (daughter of Cornelius Enns and Maria Wiebe) d. 4/ 9/1895, Manitoba. Heinrich died 3/ 8/1899, Rosenort-Rosehod, MB. in 1875 his family moved from Lichtenau, Mol. to Rosenort, MB. Justina: "Profile 1874" by D. Plett has her birth date as Aug/16/1828. Elizabeth Warkentin b. 1837, m. 1881, in Manitoba,Canada, Jakob K. Barkman, b. 3/ 9/1826, d. 1/ 5/1917. Elizabeth died 1911. Note: she was single when she immigrated/travelled w/brother Martin & family. Gerhard Warkentin b. ?, m. unknown. Note: apparently lived in Lindenau, possibly on Family wirtshaft/farm. May have had sons, Peter? and Gerhard?

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