Descendants of
Abraham Giesbrecht

Earliest Known Ancestor in my Paternal Family Tree
(First 4 Generations)

Abraham Giesbrecht b. 1739, Prussia, m. Margaret Wieler, b.1739, Prussia, d. 3/ 7/1803, Tiegenhoff, Prussia. Abraham died 4/14/1814. Margaret: Albert spells Margaretha's surname as "Wiehler" (Ratzlaff, 1995b).

1.1. Bernhard A. Giesbrecht b. 8/15/1775, Prussia, d. 2/25/1851, Chortitza Colony, S. Russia. from GR'MA4 notes; B. H. Unruh says he migrated in 1804 from Groz Usnitz, Prussia to Molotschna Colony. He was a butcher. One record says he was married on 4 Oct 1800 in Wernersdorf, Prussia.

1.2. Katharina b. 1776, d. 12/24/1780, Petershagen, Prussia.

1.3. Abraham A. Giesbrecht b. 1780, m. Abt.1800, Anna Friesen, b. 1801. Abraham died 4/ 7/1830, Tiegenhagen. He first married ............. (unknown) about 1800. She died Jul/9/1810. 2nd md. Anna Friesen. b. 1801 ref.075an Anna: she was his 2nd wife

1.3.1. Jacob Giesbrecht b. 1820 (8/4/1819), Michaelsburg, Furstenland, m. Abt. 1840, Elizabeth Driedger, b. 1818 (2/21/1819, Chortiza Colony, S. Russia, d. 2/14/1890. Jacob died 1849(or1950?). Elizabeth: her 2nd. m. to Johan Janzen, who helped her raise her 4 Giesbrecht children. They had 5 more together, of which one died in infancy. Jacob Giesbrecht b. 7/13/1842, Molotschna, S. Russia, 6/26/1864, m. Anna Veer, b. 10/31/1845. D. Giesbrecht b. 1/22/1844, m. (1) Maria Veer, b.9/8/1847, d. 10/17/1872, m. (2) 11/19/1872, in or, 12/1/1872?, Helena deVeer, b. 4/13/1853, Russia, (daughter of Cornelius deVeer and Maria Schmidt) d. 2/8/1942. Cornelius died 7/22/1925, (stepson to Johann Janzen). Stepson of Johann Janzen. Cornelius' first wife Maria Veer was cousin to his second wife, Helena deVeer. He was also brother to Eliz. Giesbrecht who md. Johann von deVeer (our forefather). Cor. was a community leader, farmer, store-keeper, postmaster & blacksmith. He & Helena were married in the Kleine Gemeinde in Molotschna. She was a mid- wife & CGCM deaconess. They joined the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite in 1881 or later. Maria: cousin to Johan Veer. after Marial died, CG met her cousin Helena deVeer on 12/1/1872, Johan deVeer's sister. Abraham Giesbrecht b. 2/28/1846, 5/29/1866, m. (1) 2/15/1867, Helena Martens, b. 8/29/1848, 6/ 9/1867, d. 1/ 9/1890, m. (2) 2/27/1890, Anna Dueck, b. 11/ 7/1870, 6/10/1889, d. 11/19/1910, m. (3) widow, Mrs. Peter Klassen. Abraham died 9/ 3/1923. Came to Canada 1870s, to Blumenfeld, MB. 1895 to Neuanlage,Sk. SE 14tp40R40 Wof 3. Dec/4/1900. Also in Blumenthal, Swift Current, Osterwick, Neuanlage. Children: (daughter Eva became Mrs. Jacob D. Peters of Neuanlage),not shown in Reinlander Buch. Helena: her parents: Johann Martens & Maria Harder. Anna: her parents were Johan & Helena (Peters) Dueck. Elizabeth Giesbrecht b. 6/ 1/1848, 1867, m. 8/4/1867, Johann deVeer, also known as: Johan Fehr b. 4/ 1/1847, Russia, 1867, (son of Cornelius deVeer and Maria Schmidt) occupation ferryman, Great Deer, d. 12/ 1/1935, Canada. Elizabeth died 1/19/1883. R.G.B. has her b.1/3/1848 Johann: a twin, Reinlander Buch shows b.4/1/1847 at 283-3; I've4/21/1849 from G.Aunt Helen's K&K. R.G.B. also has him as a Fehr, & notes they moved to Dakota from Manitoba.

1.4. Helena A. Giesbrecht b. 1782.

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