Descendants of
Emanuel I. Spenst

Earliest Known Ancestor of my Paternal Family
(First 7 Generations)
1. Emanuel I. Spenst. found GR.4 4/27/03

1.1. Emmanuel Spenst b. abt.1693, m. unknown. Emmanuel died 7/30/1760, Reimerswald, Prussia. may have been married twice, but both wives unknown.

1.1.1. Gerhard Spenst b. abt.1740, m. (1) unknown, d. bef.1785-6, m. (2) abt.1785, Sara Jantz, m. (3) abt.1797, Maria Janz. Gerhard died 2/23/1820. Peter Spenst (son of Gerhard Spenst and unknown) b. abt.1759, m. 1783, Maria Hein. Peter died 1/30/1813. Gerhard Spenst b. abt.1788, m. (1) 5/14/1807, Maria Steingard, b. abt 1782, d. 6/ 5/1812, Stobbendorf, Prussia, m. (2) 5/ 9/1813, Catherina Suckau, b. abt 1785, d. 3/13/1826, m. (3) 7/ 4/1826, Maria Regier. Gerhard Spenst (son of Gerhard Spenst and Maria Steingard) b. 12/26/1809, Reimersvalde bei Tiegenhof, Prussia, m. 2/21/1839, Anna Born, b. 3/12/1819, Prussia, (daughter of Jacob Isaac Born and Helen Wiens) d. 1891, Schoenau, Sagradowka, South Russia. Gerhard died 3/ 6/1854, Russia at 45, quite suddenly. GRANDMA has his 26 Jan 1809, must be typo! But also, at time of baptism was listed as from village Neuteicherwalde, Prussia. (from RJS?) It also shows 2 death dates, the one I have and 1891 at Schonenau, Sagradowka, South Russia. Gerhard Spenst b. 11/19/1839, d. at 11 weeks. Jacob Spenst b. 11/17/1840, Sparrau, Molostchna, S. Russia, occupation blacksmith,custom work, m. 2/2/1862, in Russia, to MB. Canada, 1876, Maria Kroeker, b. 4/ 4/1841, Konteniusfeld, Molotschna, S. Russia, d. 6/10/1923, Saskatchewan (or Langdon, N.Dakota?). Jacob died 4/18/1916, Waldeck, Saskatchewan. Maria: Kith & Kin I had her death date, I thought, as 6/10/1932, and in Saskatchewan. GRANDMA, via Harold Friesen cites 6/10/1923, at Langdon, N.Dakota, ref:141ma. Gerhard Spenst b. 9/2/1844, Russia, m. Marie ...?. An 1881 census record shows Gerhard had: wife Marie, age 38, children; Gerard 11, Daniel 5, Anna 14, Elisabet 4. They were at Silberfeld, MB village. Spenst b. 12/19/1847, Russia, d. 2/6/1854. Isaac Spenst b. 2/10/1850, Russia, d. 2/21/1854. Elizabeth Spenst b. 10/17/1852, Russia

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