Loewens to Heinrich Loewen

This is the Loewen line going back to Heinrich Loewen, the earliest ancestor we know of at present.

Mom as a young woman

My Parents

Elizabeth Kroeker, b.11/29/1918, d.11/10/1997 at home in Hague.

my Dad as a young man

Heinrich H. Friesen, b.2/20/1916, d.2/24/2007 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. He married Elizabeth Kroeker on 10/17/1947 (daughter of Gerhard Kroeker and Elisabeth Friesen).

My Grandparents

showing Gr'ma the book I had just finished to honour her -
A Godly Inheritance

Elisabeth Friesen, b.5/6/1896 in a sod house, in North West Territories, before it became Saskatchewan. She died in Rosthern hospital on 8/16/1989. This is the beloved Gr'ma whom I sought to honour with the family history book, A Godly Inheritance published in 1988.

Gerhard D. Kroeker, b.3/8/1891 in Russia, d.11/9/1970. (His first name is given as Gertrud on the ship passenger list in 1891, which is incorrect. The 1901 Canada Census says he was born 2 Apr 1891). He married Elisabeth Friesen, 7/12/1914.


Isbrand Friesen, b.3/12/1867 in South Russia, d.6/4/1945 in Hague, Saskatchewan. He married Anna J. Neudorf, on 9/9/1894. They had 7 children: Elisabeth (above), Anna, David I., Jacob I, twins, Isbrand N &am; Katharina, and Maria.

Anna J. Neudorf, b.9/21/1874 in South Russia, d.5/31/1947 in Hague, Saskatchewan. (Her o.s. birth date was 9 Sep).


David L. Friesen, b.5/13/1839 in South Russia, d.8/3/1911 in Blumenheim, Hague-Osler Reserve, Saskatchewan. In Dyck & Harms (1998, p.191), David is shown to be born on 5/13/1834. He married Elisabeth Bueckert on 10/6/1861 in South Russia.

Elisabeth Bueckert, b.12/23/1841 in South Russia, d.3/28/1913 in Osler, Saskatchewan. One record says she died at Blumenheim, Saskatchewan.

3rd Great-Grandparents

Isebrandt Friesen, b.3/19/1797 in Schoenhorst, Chortitza, South Russia, d.7/5/1875 in Russia. He married Maria Loewen on 5/19/1819 in Russia.

Maria Loewen, b.12/11/1798 in Neuendorf, Chortitza, South Russia, d.2/3/1878.

4th Great-Grandparents

Michael Loewen, b.Abt.1771 in Prussia, d.Bef.1801 in Russia. He married Maria Bueckert, Abt 1800 in Russia.

Maria Bueckert,b. Abt 1776 in Prussia. She married (1)Michael Loewen Abt/1800 in Russia. She married (2)Jacob Peters Abt/1801, b.11/23/1776 in Leske, Gross Werder, Prussia, Jacob: In the 1801 and 1802 Chortitza Colony Censuses he is listed at Neuendorf #23 (B.H.Unruh, p.255). He moved to Nieder Chortitza in 1803 (B.H.Unruh, p.214) and was still residing there in 1809 per the Chortitza Colony vaccination lists. By 1814 he moved to Neu Osterwick where he is listed in the 1814 and Oct 1816 Censuses among the landless (B.H.Unruh, p.284). His o.s. birth date was 11/ /1776.

5th Great-Grandparents

Heinrich Loewen, d.Bef/1793. In the 1776 W. Prussia Census he is listed in Neustaedterwald with 3 sons (H.Penner, p.443). He was a member of the Tiegenhagen Gemeinde. He migrated from Prussia to the Chortitza Colony, S. Russia in 1789 (P.Rempel, p.37). He appears to have died by 1793 since he is not listed in the 1793 Chortitza Colony Heads of Household List or in later documents. He apparently lived in Einlage, Chortitza Colony, since his widow is said to have given his homestead in Einlage to her son-in-law Cornelius Willms sometime prior to 1802 (B.H.Unruh, p.251). He married _____ _____.

. _____ _____, d.1789-1802. She lived in Einlage, Chortitza Colony, but had died by 1802 and her homestead in Einlage was given to her son-in-law Cornelius Willms sometime prior to 1802 (B.H.Unruh, p.251). She likely died prior to 1795 since she does not appear in the 1795 Chortitza Colony Census and Cornelius Willms is listed in the 1795 Census at Einlage #7 (B.H.Unruh, p.239), which had likely been her previous residence. She married (1)Dietrich "Dirk" Rempel, b.Bef/1744, d. in Prussia. She married (2)Heinrich Loewen.

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