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This follows my Neudorf ancestors on Mom's mother's side, up to the earliest one I know of at present.

Mom as a young woman

My Parents

Elizabeth Kroeker, b.11/29/1918, d.11/10/1997 at home in Hague.

my Dad as a young man

Heinrich H. Friesen, b.2/20/1916, d.2/24/2007 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. He married Elizabeth Kroeker on 10/17/1947 (daughter of Gerhard Kroeker and Elisabeth Friesen).

My Grandparents

showing Gr'ma the book I had just finished to honour her -
A Godly Inheritance

Elisabeth Friesen, b.5/6/1896 in a sod house, in North West Territories, before it became Saskatchewan. She died in Rosthern hospital on 8/16/1989. This is the beloved Gr'ma whom I sought to honour with the family history book, A Godly Inheritance published in 1988.

Gerhard D. Kroeker, b.3/8/1891 in Russia, d.11/9/1970. (His first name is given as Gertrud on the ship passenger list in 1891, which is incorrect. The 1901 Canada Census says he was born 2 Apr 1891). He married Elisabeth Friesen, 7/12/1914.

My Great-Grandparents

Isbrand Friesen and Anna Neudorf

Isbrand Friesen, b.3/12/1867 in South Russia, d.6/4/1945 in Hague, Saskatchewan. He married Anna J. Neudorf, on 9/9/1894. They had 7 children: Elisabeth (above), Anna, David I., Jacob I, twins, Isbrand N &am; Katharina, and Maria.

Anna J. Neudorf, b.9/21/1874 in South Russia, d.5/31/1947 in Hague, Saskatchewan. (Her o.s. birth date was 9 Sep).


Jacob Neudorf, b.7/1/1844 in South Russia, d.11/5/1908 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Peter Neudorf's (b.2/7/1908) notes entitled "Neudorf Family Tree" say he was born 6/29/1844. One source says he died 11/4/?. (One record incorrectly says his parents are Jacob Neudorf and Maria Unruh. In that family his birth date is impossibly close to an older brother Heinrich, #174985). Jakob had 6 children when he married Katharina Reimer. He married (1)Anna Peters on 11/2/1865. He married (2)Katharina Reimer on 12/28/1886, b.5/5/1857 in Neuendorf, Chortitza, South Russia, d.12/13/1937 in Great Deer, Saskatchewan, buried 12/18/1937 in Great Deer, Saskatchewan, Katharina: Bergthal says she was born 5/9/1857. 1911 Canada census says May 1857. Jakob & Katharina had 9 children of whom 4 died. They were married for 21 years, 10 months and 3 days. Katharina &am; Is. Dyck were married for 18 years, 2 months and 9 days.

[My Note about Katherina: I got my hands on her journals and translated them into English. Unpublished.]

Anna Peters, b.5/26/1846 in South Russia, d.1/30/1886 in South Russia. Jakob & his first spouse, Anna, had 9 children, 6 of which survived to adulthood.

Anna's Parents: Herman Peters, b.Abt.1821, d.1896. Per the 8/11/1867 Jacob D. Epp diary entry, Herman was a groats miller. Per the 10/8/1867 Jacob D. Epp diary entry, Herman had a brother Johann who had died in Fuerstenland about 1867. Herman married Helena Hildebrand, b. abt. 1818.

3rd Great-Grandparents

Heinrich Neudorf, b.Abt 1812 in Schoenhorst, Chortitza, South Russia. Either he or his son Heinrich lived in Gnadenthal, Schlachtin, per 1/21/1878 Jacob D. Epp diary entry. He married (1)Susanna Bergmann. He married (2)Katharina Hildebrand, in Chortitza Colony, South Russia, Chortitza Colony, South Russia.

Susanna Bergmann, b.Abt.1815 in Neuendorf, Chortitza, South Russia, d.1854 or 1864. (Orenburg record say that her surname was Bergen).

4th Great-Grandparents

Jacob Neudorf, b.Abt.1789. In the Oct 1816 Chortitza Colony Census he is listed at Schoenhorst #18. He married Maria Penner, in Chortitza Colony, South Russia.

Maria Penner, b.Abt.1794 in Chortitza Colony, South Russia. Her parentage is somewhat uncertain. She is currently shown as the daughter of Abraham Penner and his second wife Katharina, but it is possible that she could be the daughter of Abraham Penner by his first unknown wife or even the daughter of Cornelius Rempel by Katharina. Her surname is not given in the 1802 Census (Tim Janzen, 11/9/1999). She married (1)Jacob Neudorf, in Chortitza Colony, South Russia. She married (2)Andreas Miller, b.7/9/1798 in Wischenka, Russia, d.3/27/1836 in Chortitza Colony, South Russia, Andreas: R190.

5th Great-Grandparents

Abraham Giesbrecht Neudorf, b.Abt 1759 in Prussia, d.Abt 1830 in Chortitza Colony, South Russia. He migrated from Tiegenhof, Prussia to Schoenhorst, Chortitza, S. Russia in 1789 (P. Rempel, p.46; B.H.Unruh, p.268). He was a member of the Tiegenhagen Gemeinde (MFH, July,1993, p.117). In the 1795 Chortitza Colony Census he is listed at Schoenhorst #16 (B.H.Unruh, p.242) and in the 1801 Census at Schoenhorst #19. He was still residing there in 1806 (P. Rempel, p.46). In the Oct 1816 Census he is listed at Schoenhorst #19. His age is given as 34 in the 1795 Census, suggesting that he was born ca 1761. His age is given as 43 in the 1801 Census, suggesting that he was born ca 1758. His age is given as 57 in the Oct 1816 Census, suggesting that he was born ca 1759. He married (1)Anna _____, on 5/8/1781, b.5/10/1741, d.5/10/1786, Anna: Widow of Abram Olfert. MFH Sept.91. He married (2)Katharina Wiens, 1787. He married (3)Katharina Driediger in 1823, b.10/31/1758 in Prussia, d.7/22/1839 in Schoenhorst, Chortitza, South Russia, buried 7/24/1839 in Schoenhorst, Chortitza, South Russia, Katharina: In the 1811 Elbing Census she is listed in Ellerwald, Trift #2 as a widow with 4 sons ages 29, 17, 15, and 13 and one daughter age 7. Immigration records in 1819 show that she lived in Ellerwald, along with her son Johann and daughter Margaretha (P. Rempel, p. 126). They received their passports from Danzig on 5/26/1819, and their visas to emmigrate were issued July 5 of that same year. They settled in Schoenhorst, Chortitza Colony in 1819, with 600 rubles of cash, horses valued at 120 rubles, and possessions valued at 250 rubles (P. Rempel, p.171). She was 80 years, 9 months, and 2 days old when she died per David Epp's diary, which would suggest she was born ca 20 Oct 1758 (ns) or 10/31/1758 (os). The diary indicates that she had 12 children, 5 of whom had died by 1839. It also says that her first marriage (to Jacob Loewen) lasted 38 years [should be 28 years] and that her second marriage (to Abraham Neudorf) lasted 7 years. She had no children by her second marriage. Since her first husband Jacob Loewen died in 1807, then it seems improbable that her first marriage truly lasted 38 years. It is more likely that her first marriage only lasted about 28 years. Her funeral was held in the home of her son-in-law Heinrich Penner (b.12/18/1801) #134129 in Schoenhorst (Tim Janzen, 21 Dec 2010). Her marriage to Jacob Loewen, her immigration to Russia in 1819, her marriage to Abraham Neudorf in 1823, and her death date are confirmed in notes compiled from family sources by Katherine Loewen (b.1/25/1916) #482732 in 1974 per e-mails to Tim Janzen (b.12/3/1960) by David Loewen (b.4/16/1949) #157771 on 22 and 23 Dec 2010.

Katharina Wiens, b.Abt 1760 in Prussia, d.1816 or 1823 in South Russia. Her age is given as 33 in the 1795 Chortitza Colony Census, suggesting that she was born ca 1762. Her age is given as 42 in the 1801 Census, suggesting that she was born ca 1759. Her age is given as 56 in the Oct 1816 Census, suggesting that she was born ca 1760. Henry Schapansky says that Katharina was the daughter of Jacob Wiens, who was listed in the 1776 W. Prussia Census at Ellerwald with 1 son and 4 daughters (Mennonite Migration, p.593, 594).

6th Great-Grandparents

Giesbrecht Neudorf, b.1722, d.12/15/1794 in Tiegenhof, Gross Werder, Prussia. He married (1) _____ _____. He married (2)Anna Janzen, 10/18/1788, b.1765, d. Bef.1835.

. _____ _____, b.1717, d.8/5/1787 in Tiegenhof, Gross Werder, Prussia.

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