Warkentin Line to Martin Warkentin

This covers my Warkentin from Dad's paternal grandmother to the earliest, a Martin Warkentin who died before 1783.

Mom as a young woman

My Parents

Elizabeth Kroeker, b.11/29/1918, d.11/10/1997 at home in Hague.

my Dad as a young man

Heinrich H. Friesen, b.2/20/1916, d.2/24/2007 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. He married Elizabeth Kroeker on 10/17/1947 (daughter of Gerhard Kroeker and Elisabeth Friesen).

My Grandparents

my grandparents when retired to Clearbrook, BC

Heinrich W. Friesen, b.12/20/1886 in Morris, Manitoba, d.7/26/1977. He married Maria Spenst on 4/4/1915 in Herbert, Saskatchewan.

Maria Spenst, b.2/13/1893 in Langdon, North Dakota.(daughter of Gerhard Spenst and Elizabeth Veer. Maria d.9/6/1983 in Abbotsford, BC.

My Great-Grandparents

Klaas Friesen, b. 8/19/1858 in Lichtfelde, Molotschna, South Russia, d. 3/17/1932, buried in Beaver Flat, Saskatchewan. His old style birth date was 7 Aug. Baptismal date is not given in the Bergthal Book, but 1926 is the date given for joining the Bergthal Church. Klaas and Anna had 7 sons and 1 daughter. They lived in Rosenort, MB and then moved to Beaver Flat, SK about in 1906. The Fehr Register shows his baptism date as 6/3/1878. He married (1)Anna Warkentin 6/3/1878. He married (2)Elisabeth Unger on 10/3/1926, b.1/20/1863 in Grommosky, South Russia, Elisabeth: R164-3*. SUV-016 says she was born 1/20/1862. She joined Bergthal Church in 1906. Moved to Herbert, Saskatchewan.

Anna Warkentin, b.7/5/1859 in Fischau, Molotschna, South Russia, d.12/23/1921 in Beaver Flat, Saskatchewan, buried in Beaver Flat, Saskatchewan. Her old style birth date is 23 June. The Fehr Register shows her baptism date as 6/3/1878.

My Great-Great-Grandparents

Heinrich Warkentin, b.12/31/1833 in Fischau, Molotschna, South Russia, d.4/8/1888 in Rosenort, Manitoba. One record says he died 8 Mar 1888, and was married 4/20/1855. He married Justina Enns on 4/24/1855 in Russia.

Justina Enns, b. 8/26/1828 in Fischau, Molotschna, South Russia, d.4/9/1895 in Saskatchewan. One record says she was born 8/16/1828.

3rd Great-Grandparents

Gerhard Martin Warkentin, b.Abt 1796 in Prussia, d.1848. In the migration list (Unruh, p.345), he and Elizabeth are reversed in birth order. In the 1835 census, he is listed at Pordenau #23, and is said to have come to Russia in 1803. He moved to Pordenau in 1821 from Blumstein. The entry at Blumstein #4 says he moved away in 1820. He married Anna _____.

Anna _____, b.Abt 1796.

4th Great-Grandparents

Martin Martin Warkentin, b.Abt 1764, d. 3/9/1853 in Blumstein, Molotschna, South Russia. In the 1808 census (Unruh, p.314), he is listed at Blumstein #6, and is said to have come from Rueckenau, Prussia. The 1835 Molotschna Census lists him at Blumstein No. 4. He married Aganetha Warkentin.

Aganetha Warkentin, b.1765.

5th Great-Grandparents

Martin Warkentin, d.Bef 1783. According to the 1772 census of West Prussia he was living in Tiegenhof with his wife and one daughter under 12. A comment states that he was "sehr alt." (very old). According to the 1776 census of Mennonites in West Prussia he and his wife lived in Tiegenhof. He was listed as an "Arbeiter" (labourer). He married _____ _____.

. _____ _____.

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