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Our Friesens & Assorted Friesens

- Searching for a Common Ancestor
to both Dad's & Mom's Friesen Lines

This e-book may be just what you need if you are researching your Friesen genealogy, and have got stuck! In fact, we may be able to help each other out!

I have a hunch; since Dad's earliest Friesen ancestor (Abraham von Riesen) lived in Teigenhoff, Prussia, and Mom's earliest Friesen ancestor (Johan von Riesen) lived in Stebbendorf, Prussia - two villages only 7 miles apart - that if I can find one or two more generation before these two men, I can prove that they come from the same original ancestor.

In looking for the connection between my Dad's Friesens and my Mom's Friesen lines, I had collected 30 other Friesen lines, in my previous edition of this book in 2005. Some genealogy pen pals spotted clues that tied some of them together. That reduced that number to only 30.

After Dad died I had to get to work and earn my own living, so I put my genealogy hobby aside. But in 2021, I took it up again, and did more research and discovered that about 10 of those Assorted Friesen trees now had a common Ancestor, which reduced my total to just 18 Assorted Friesen trees! (Besides ours).

My hope is that by publishing this book, updated, and with much more information, someone - or several people - may be able to point out connections that tie more of these Friesen lines to a common ancestor. Why, YOU might spot someone from YOUR Friesen tree! Then in turn, I may realize that your Friesen line ties into one or both of mine! Wow! That would be exciting!

So, do you want to jump in? I may just be able to hand you some valuable clues! By the same token if you share what you have collected, I may spot the connection between my parents' two Friesen Lines. We both gain great JOY!

Of course, you NEED a copy of this book first, right? :) This e-book has 622 pages packed with Friesen Data! So it is $40.00.

BUY Our Friesens & Assorted Friesens NOW - for $40.00 Cdn

P.S. In case you need this; I have a page on this site, How to Make Print Copies of e-Books. Note though, when I did this I realized that the pile of pages for this book was too much for a cerlox comb so I opted to just punch 3 holes for a 1.5" binder. Perfect fit!

inside binder view of this e-book, Our Friesens & Assorted Friesens

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