What I value most is the godly inheritance and heritage I have gained from my ancestors. I treasure the stories of the people, but I'v learned that to research these things we need to know our way around genealogy databases, charts, and computer GEDCOMS. During my caregiver years for my parents, and for some nine months caring for Gr'ma Kroeker too, I learned to check dates carefully, key everything into my Brother's Keeper program, and to read the charts it would spit out.

I first set up this website in June of 2006, looking for others who would be interested in my finding and reports. Then, when Dad, my remaining parent died, I had to see to it that I had ways and means of supporting myself. Life just got super-busy for me. This site was neglected. But now I'm refreshing everything, and will automate some things. I need to apply things that I have learned in my work the last six years to improve your experience here.

So which family trees am I connected to, you want to know? Where might we have bloodlines in common? Well, here's links to my largest and main family lines. Look them over and see whether our lines intersect at any point.

If you want to know about
Dad's Friesens or Mom's Friesens
Veers (or Fehrs)
Jacob Bueckert
David Derksen
Emanuel I. Spenst

Family Tree Drawings

David L. Friesen Family Tree
David Kroeker Family Tree
Isbrand Friesen Family Tree
Jacob Neudorf Family (1) Tree
Jacob Neudorf Family (2) Tree

You may just have found your Mother LODE or LINK "relatively-speaking." My charts MIGHT have just what you need to connect some of YOUR OWN Ancestors! But I'm a story-teller, so . . . will you give me time and space to tell it well?

Writing My Family History Book (the process)

Let's summarize what's available:

Our Friesens & Assorted Friesens, downloadable as an PDF file (which can be read in Acrobat Reader or program like that )

1. You can read it on your computer right away,
2. I've already updated the electronic version since I printed the book before Christmas! (You can also give me your email address if you wish to be notified of other updates and corrections),
3. You can easily enlarge the font to any size you like,
4. You can even print it out on paper, if you wish.

GEDCOM of Descendants of Abraham von Riesen (b.7/28/1852) - $20

GEDCOM of Descendants of Johann von Riesen (b. 1724) (expanded 4.5 times over what was in A Godly Inheritance - $20

GEDCOM of Descendants of Giesbrecht Neudorf & One of Great-great-grandsons, Jacob Neudorf (b.6/29/1844) - a HUGE expansion of data over what is in A Godly Inheritance - $20

GEDCOM of Descendants of Jan De Veer (b.1536, Holland)
This Set of 3 for $20

GEDCOM of Descendants of Gerhard Spenst (b. 12/26/1809)
GEDCOM of Descendants of Jacob Giesbrecht (b.1820, Michaelsburg, Furstenland, South Russia.

GEDCOM of Descendants of Martin Warkentin (b. 1764, Prussia)
(These 3 are quite a bit smaller so they go for the price of ONE GEDCOM)

1. You can import all this data into YOUR OWN genealogy program
2. and save many tedious hours of typing,
3. and you can print it out in different style reports - the way you like them.

I can work with PayPal, Money Orders or cheques sent by regular post, or if you phone me I can take your credit card number too.

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Blessings & Thanks,

P.S. Say, if you order $40 worth of GEDCOMs I'll send you a copy of the handbound A Godly Inheritance by mail just as a token of thanks! It's a 4 pounder, and the postage alone is worth about $10 to mail it a short distance, never mind that I used to sell it for $30. This will make room for my novel.

P.S.S. Current Status of Print Books:
NEW Edition Jan/2006 5 copies "Our Friesens & Assorted Friesens"
Sold out on "Network of Neudorfs"
Sold out - of "Grandpa's Stories"
17 copies of the handmade "A Godly Inheritance"...

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Ruth Marlene Friesen

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My Main Genealogies
Dad's Friesens
or Mom's Friesens
Early Veers
Immigrant Veers
Heinrich Loewen

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