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This is the How-to page and spring-board to more of them. How to search for your genealogy roots. How to put things together in a useful database, and how to compile your family stories and inheritance....

How to Buy GEDCOMs and digital books here -
I tell you, I'd first go explore those pages of descendant charts to see if there any clues that look useful. But then,

Click on Orders (top or bottom of page), and look over the list of products.

Decide whether you'd prefer to pay by PayPal or ClickBank, or send a cheque or money order by mail. Go to the order page of your choice. Click on the PayPal or Buy at ClickBank links for the specific item or combination of items you want. Follow buying instructions.

How to Download purchases -
When you are finished giving your credit card info at the ClickBank page, and your payment is processed, - or at PayPal, - or whatever you choose, you will either be able to click on a link to proceed, or need to wait for an email from me with futher instructions.

This takes you to a special download page for that item or items. You click on the link provided, and the download window on your computer should pop up. You guide it to the right folder where you want to store it, and then Click Open on that window. Presto! The download happens, and is all done within 1 - 5 minutes.

How to use a GEDCOM once you have it -
It's a good idea to open a new database file in your genealogy program. If you don't have one, you can download the latest free version of Brothers' Keeper. (My choice). You should have a database open there for your own entries, but when you receive a new one (which is what a GEDCOM really is), you don't want to mix it with your carefully entered family data. At least, I don't. I'd open a new one and then from within that database, click on Import a GEDCOM (or words to that effect if you have a different program), and follow the instructions as you proceed through two or three steps. When done, you start exploring it in earnest!

My home town, Hague, Saskatchewan, celebrated it's Centennial in 2003. Here's a little write-up about it's history, by a friend, Rev. John J. Janzen. About Hague.

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