Translation from the Gothic German Handwriting

Sorry, I'm not doing Gothic German translation any more, but here's some information about this more rare all the time skill, and some referals to others who may be able to help you.

Have you got some old letters, diaries or journals of an ancestor that you would like to have deciphered?

Here's some samples of Gothic German handwriting. Do your documents look like that?

Even your parents perhaps, may not be able to read it, or have great difficulty explaining what Great-grandma or Great-grandpa were trying to express on that delicate, brittle paper, or in that old notebook.

Yes, there are people willing and able to translate German that is printed or typed with Roman (or English) letters, but not nearly so many who can read the old Gothic script, that was used in the handwritten German. I used to offer this service here. Unfortunately, I've become so busy with other things, that I simply can't take on this work any more.

For some time I hesitated to stop this service, because when I started there were only three people online offering this type of translation work, and I was one of them. Now I checked again, and there are a number of others. To help you out I will list some links I found in Google;
Gordon Hartig Translation Services
Superfast Translations
Translation services
Ann C. Sherwin ( She says German Script no problem)
German - English Translation Service
Cyndi's List on Languages may have help
Old German Letters - by Inge von Pongràcz

Would you like to know how I learned to read that old German handwriting? Click on my gothic translating skill for that story.

[Examples // How I Learned // My Experience Translating]

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